Luxurious and Comfortable Camping Pods for Tourists in Nathia Gali

If you really an adventure lover then fasten your seat belt and drive toward Nathia Gali and enjoy camping there. The Galiyat Development Authority has inaugurated Pakistan’s first composite dome resort in Nathia Gali for nature and adventure lovers. These amazing luxurious pods located at Link Road Nathia Gali.

The pods have been installed by the KP government by following Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of promoting tourism in Pakistan.

It’s good to set a standard for pathetic hotels on heavy rents in Nathia Gali. Government is doing well to attract tourists from all over the world and it’s important to facilitate well instead of relying on low-quality commercial hotels who are looting tourist with both hands.

Here we will tell you about these luxurious and wonderful pods of Nathia Gali & how to get benefit from these resorts offer resorts which are laced with all facilities.

Luxurious & Comfortable

These resorts and pods are not good just for adventure but also laced with luxury and comfort. People can enjoy all the facilities in these resorts and enjoy their dreamy trip at a dreamy place. These camping pods in Nathia Gali offer you all the basic facilities like in your homes.

Camping Pods in Nathia Gali
Luxurious Resorts in Nathia Gali

Enjoy and Adore the Nature

These wonderful resorts offer a serene environment with breathtaking scenery all around.  People who love nature and adventure both together can enjoy the harmony of both things in one place and adore the beauty of Nathia Gali.

Camping Pods in Nathia Gali
Serene Beauty of Nathia Gali

Camping Fun

These wonderful resorts provide wonderful camping pods for adventure lovers & tourists from all over the world. These camping pods are the best camping place for the people who are looking for a perfect camping place.

Camping Pods in Nathia Gali
A perfect Camping Place

Thermal Insulated Pods

Owing to thermal insulation, the pods not only offer a serene environment but also ideal for extreme weather as well. Visitors can enjoy winter’s paradise Nathia Gali without having to worry about the cold. Camping pods in Nathia Gali are made from lightweight and thermally insulated fiberglass composite material.

Camping Pods in Nathia Gali
Thermal Insulated Pods

Adventurous Trip

This warm and cozy accommodation in Nathia Gali is ideal for friends and families visiting Galliyat region from across the country and abroad. You can enjoy a night full of fun and adventure along with a peaceful and serene beauty in these camping pods of Nathia Gali with friends and family.

Several measures are taken to promote tourism in Pakistan throughout the year. KP government want to flourish in the tourism sector in Pakistan. KP government will serve as the tourism hub of Pakistan and hence up-gradation of tourist spots at par with international standards and to bring ease and comfort in visitors life. These wonderful measures by the government will not only facilitate the tourist but also increase the tourism in Pakistan and strengthen the country’s economy.

If you want to enjoy camping and stay in these wonderful resorts then why are waiting for?

Book this wonderful resort and lavish camping pods with and enjoy a fun trip with us.



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