Explore Broghil Valley and Promote Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan is now progressing day by day. As we all know that Pakistan has plenty of beautiful valleys and mountains, which enhance the beautiful and scenic views.  These magnificent valleys and enchanting lakes in the northern areas of the country that remain widely unexplored and undiscovered yet. How many of you, ever visited Broghil name valley in your life? A few or none!

Now explore this beautiful and mystical Broghil Valley with Bookirea. A true veritable piece of heaven on earth is one of those hidden gems of our Country.

Tourism in Pakistan

Main Location of Broghil Valley

This valley located in the upper reaches of the beautiful Chitral District in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Broghil Valley is the ultimate travel destination for adventure seekers, trekkers, and nature or wildlife photographers. This valley is surrounded by mighty snow-capped mountain peaks, glaciers, and deep gorges.  The snow, mountains, and glaciers are the main reasons why its beauty has remained relatively untouched by the outside world. The best thing to visit these valleys is their simple and hospitable people who make this valley one of the best places to visit in Pakistan.

Tourism in Pakistan

Now, explore and find a bit interesting things about the breath-taking Broghil valley in Pakistan. Many travel and tourism agencies are now active in Pakistan for promoting hidden valleys and mountains of Pakistan and guide tourists.

The Story of Travel toward Brogil Valley

The easiest way to reach Broghil Valley in Chitral is first by taking a flight to the small domestic airport in Chitral through Pakistan International Airlines. From Chitral, it will take you about 4 hours to reach Mastuj Valley through jeep. After taking a few resting hours, you should leave for Kashmanja early in the morning, from here you will take 10 hours. In ideal weather conditions, you’ll have to travel for about five more hours to get to Ishkarwaz.

Tourism in Pakistan

Ishkarwaz’s has proximity to the Afghanistan border, soldiers stationed at the check post ask for your National Identity Card (NIC). Here you required 6 to 8 hours of trekking to reach the stunning village of Lashkargaz, the starting point of Broghil Valley. However, in case of land sliding, heavy rain or some other circumstances, it might even take you two or more days to stuck there.

Tourism in Pakistan

Tourist’s Main Attraction

Broghil valley is full of beautiful and mystical places to see and appreciate the natural beauty of Pakistan. Here we will share a few places that you won’t miss while visit Broghil valley.

1.   Karombar Lake

There are plenty of breathtaking things that you won’t miss during Broghil valley.  Karumba Lake is one of the most popular places to visit in Broghil Valley

The adventurous trek to Karombar Lake is the main reason why so many adventure seekers visit this incredible valley. This lake is the second-highest lake in Pakistan at an altitude of 14,120 feet, Karombar Lake also enjoys the status of being 31st highest lake in the world.

Tourism in Pakistan

2.   Rush Lake

Rush Lake in Nagar Valley, Gilgit Baltistan, is the highest lake in Pakistan and 27th in the world, located about 15,400 feet above the sea level. It is another most appealing thing for tourists.

Due to rapidly changing weather and difficult terrain, the trek to reach these lakes can take up to two days. However, the enchanting destination is definitely worth all of it.

The blue water reflects mountain peaks surrounding the Karambar Pass, making the mesmerizing landscape look like an extraordinary painting. Karambar Lake is also famous for its wide range of aquatic life, making it one of the most biologically active lakes in the region.

Tourism in Pakistan

3.   Darakot Pass

While trekking toward Darakot Pass, most travelers make Yasin Valley their base camp which is located at an altitude of 15,430 ft. This pass connects Broghil Valley in Chitral to Rawat Valley in Gilgit Baltistan.

To reach Darkot Pass, you will have to trek to the village of Chikar from Ishkarwaz and make it your base camp. You can trek for about 10 hours, more or less, to reach the base camp for Darkot Pass in Yasin Valley.

Tourism in Pakistan

4.   Broghil Pass

Broghil Pass, also known as Broghol Pass, is one of the four major mountain passes providing access to Chitral. The other three include the famous Lowari Top, Shandur Top, and Dorah Pass. The pass remains closed during the winter and is open for cart traffic approximately 8 months a year. This mountain pass is very famous due to its vast history.

Tourism in Pakistan


5.   Interesting Festivals of Broghil

Broghil valley culture is very vast and full of colorful festivals and local customs which attracts tourists from all over the World. The annual Broghil festival is celebrated in July, but many people have no idea about it.

Tourism in Pakistan

6.   Broghil Valley Festival Games

Paying tribute to their local culture, the residents of this valley indulge in unique sports such as horse racing, free-style polo, and donkey racing among many others during the festival. Yak race and yak polo are the actual highlights of the Broghil Valley Festival.

The Life in the Broghil

Life in Broghil Valley isn’t easy as people expected. But the most appreciating thing is that locals won’t complain about it.

This beautiful valley is inhabited by the hospitable Wakhi people, an ethnic Iranian group of people whose ancestors settled in Broghil after traveling here from Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and China.

Tourism in Pakistan

The whole valley offers a clear picture of the Pamiri culture. Staying true to their roots, the locals in Broghil Valley still live in signature Pamiri houses made of mud and stone.

Tourism in Pakistan

Their main source of income is selling yaks in the northern areas of Pakistan, especially in Gilgit Baltistan.

The Weather of Broghil Valley

Owing to its altitude, the weather in Broghil Valley could be quite harsh, especially during the winter months. On average, the valley receives about five to six feet of snowfall every year. Heavy rainfall and dust storms are also pretty common.

The best time to visit Broghil Valley is between June and August, that’s when you can witness the expansive green fields, flowing waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and colorful festivals that make it one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Pakistan.

Tourism in Pakistan

Seasonal Stock of Broghil People

Before the arrival of winters, the locals of Broghil Valley have food stock wood and grass for their livestock. Once the weather gets cold and the snowfall starts, they spend their days inside their homes. A few months ago few small shops were opened in the villages, providing the residents with basic necessities in extremely cold weather.

Tourism in Pakistan

Chitral Tourism in Future

Chitrali people and those living in Broghil Valley hope their local festival will soon attract more domestic and foreign tourists. Because people from all over the world would love to enjoy the historical sport of yak race or yak polo while listening to the traditional Wakhani music with enjoying the lush green peaceful environment. The local and provincial governments will have to make the route to Broghil Valley in Pakistan a lot easier than it currently is.

If you really want to enjoy destination travel and spend your whole summer or winter among these hospitable people and the mystical valley itself then rush toward Broghil valley. Explore beautiful valleys, mountains, Glaciers of Pakistan with Bookirea.



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