Top 7 Wedding Dress Styles for the Pakistani Bride

For all the brides-to-be that aren’t particularly well versed in bridal fashion, specifically when it comes to dresses, then this article on our pick of top 7 wedding dress styles will give you a general grip on the subject. No shame if all things bridal aren’t your forte. Let this be a learning experience and have fun along the way.

Below we have listed some of the most popular Pakistani wedding dresses styles:

  1. Lehnga
  2. Angrakha
  3. Sharara
  4. Gharara
  5. Farshi Pajama
  6. Bridal Gown
  7. Shalwar Kameez

Top 7 Pakistani Wedding Dresses Styles for the Pakistani Bride

1.   Lehenga


For better or for worse, culture and tradition paint every aspect of a Pakistani’s life, including the wedding. Desi brides are the epitome of glitz and glamour on their big day.

Lehenga is the first in our list of top 7 Pakistani wedding dresses styles because it is the most iconic garment of all. Whenever you think of a traditional bride, the look comprising of a red or maroon lehenga paired with a choli and an elegantly draped dupatta is the image that appears in your mind’s eye.

Lehengas come in different shapes and designs. You are sure to find one that is perfect for your body type. If you’re wondering what would suit you in particular, have a look at our article on the best wedding dress designs for your body type.

The garment is similar to a flared and glamourous long skirt. A fitted blouse, choli or even kurtis can be paired with a lehenga. With an array of fabrics available, your lehenga could be stiff and sculpted or flowy and ethereal. Choose whatever works best for you.

2.   Angrakha


A very traditional and unique option is the angrakha. The style is said to have been derived from Rajasthani traditions. The garment has flow and flare. It would suit tall brides particularly well, giving a graceful look fit for a queen. The dress reminds one of the peaks of the Mughal Empire when wasteful decadence was the norm for those of royal blood. This type of dress would work really well for your mehndi function. A bit more detail and this dress would look great for you nikkah, baraat or valima as well. If you are thinking of combining your mehendi and shadi functions into what has been called shehndi (Learn more about planning a shehndi with Bookirea), then we would recommend that you choose this dress to your fusion event.

This long frock could be paired with fitted tights, such as a churidar pajama. The cut and stitching of the garment make it comfortable to wear and hassle-free to carry. Great for any weddings in any season. You could even wear this again on other formal occasions by pairing the dress with a simple dupatta, it won’t seem over the top.

3.   Sharara


To the untrained eye, a sharara looks deceptively similar to a long flowy lehenga. It is in fact a pair of trousers with lots of flare and is usually worn with a straight cut or Anarkali-style kurti. These bottoms are characteristically loose. Paired with a dupatta, the look is complete.  Since this style of clothing can be lightweight and easy to carry, it’s a great option for the bride that doesn’t want to be weighed down or have her movements restricted.

4.   Gharara


Gharara is pair of trousers/pants that are normally fitted at the knees, there usually is a kind of band or border in the area where the cloth is joined and gathered in the form of pleats. This adds a bit of volume and body to the lower half of the trousers. Normally, a gharara is paired with a kameez or kurti of short to medium length. This piece can look stunning with embellishments and embroidery.

5.   Farshi Pajama

farshi pajama

This style of garment is similar to the previous two, gharara and sharara, there are slight variations that designers understand best. But, essentially, it has a considerable floor-sweeping length as the name suggests. A lot more fabric is required to make it and perhaps this isn’t the best option for a summer wedding.

6.   Bridal Gown

Bridal gown

Bridal gowns come in various designs and you will definitely find something that suits you. A gown with a long train looks regal and presents a dramatic look, resulting in great photographs. This style was inspired by western formal wear, but designed according to our culture and fashion trends.

This category can further encompass maxi dresses and pleated frock designs. Gowns can also be paired with bridal jackets. The layering effect looks exquisite and adds dimension to the bride’s look. This ensemble would be the perfect option for a winter wedding. Bridal gowns are now much in demand and consider as the top Pakistani wedding dresses.

7.   Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar Kameez

Another great option is the shalwar kameez. Though not the first pick of many Pakistani brides, this look would be ideal for petite ladies and can be quite versatile because of variations in the kameez length and type of shalwar. The different styles of shalwar include Patiala, Harem, Afghani and many more.

You could deconstruct the look and wear it again on a formal occasion; thus, your bridal shalwar kameez won’t just be shelved for all eternity. Enjoy and take creative ideas and inspiration for your wedding dress from our wonderful Pakistan wedding dresses.

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