Tips on How To Prioritize Wedding Checklist?

A wedding is a day in which a person creates many memories and if someone chooses you to manage the event then you should be ready to create it with full consideration. Doing work without planning is not an option. We need a list, a list of important things to maintain until the function ends. Creating a wedding checklist is main but signing in with the clear points to make it a perfect is important.

So, the first agenda before making a checklist is to know about the budget. Budget means to know how much we can spend on different things.

Then there are many levels to be checked on, the first level of important things should be considered like:

Number of Guests:

This is as important as the budget, why you may ask! It is necessary to know that

  1. How big the wedding venue should be?
  2. How many tables are required?
  3. How many servants to be hired?

If you got to know the answers to all these things then you should start focusing on the other requirements.

Wedding Hall

The first and main thing is a proper wedding hall, the hall is the main priority because it connects us to other things like decorations and photography.

Stages (Wedding couple and for the Performer)

Most of the people want their Stage to be eye-catching: where everyone can notice them. It is an important part of any wedding function because eyes are only on the stage on which a couple gets attention by all.

Decorations and Lights

Decorations and Lights

Then it comes to decorating that area as per customer’s demand. It is important to know

How they want their stage to be decorated?

What kind of local talent seats or sofas should be on the stage?

Should any additional lights or smoke be there for the entry of Bride/Groom?

What kind of FLOWERS they wanted on the stage and around the wedding venue

How much lighting do they need?

Should the tables of the guests also be decorated? If the answer is Yes, then how should it be decorated?


The people who serve in the best way is a need for every wedding. Some guests don’t like to roam or wait for the line to end to take the food. So, in that case, we need to hire staff for event management to serve the food and beverages on the table. On the other hand, some mishaps happen even after taking care of many things, like: If a glass breaks or someone spills the cold drink on the floor, in such cases many people fell by slipping or getting hurt.

So, it is important to prepare the volunteers to serve in the best way they can.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are considered now, when we got to know how many guests are arriving and how things are decorated then we need to consider what should be on the menu. This is important because most of the people complain about the food was cold, spicy or not well cooked. These things should be in a checklist with highlighting facts that the food which is going to be served should be checked before the main event. The beverages should be served on every table and the food should be served fresh.

After completing the first level, we step towards the next level which is:

Bridal Room

Brial Room Decoration

The bridal room is a place where a bride stays till the event starts, so it should also be in the checklist to know that a bridal room should be in a good condition with a full cooling system/heating system, as many people do the bridal shoots in the bridal room.


The wedding day is considered a beautiful memory for the starting of a new life. So, it is important to hire a well-known photographer. The skills and the version of cameras should be taken care of for good quality.

Making a checklist can make working and planning easy but it seems to note that many people consider it an easy task. The listing might be easy but making it to the point might get hard. So, we should not say but do it practically and keep the eye on every little thing which you think is not important for you to take into consideration. Little things, little details, and every little point should be kept in the checklist. A combination of every little thing from the hall to decoration with the food and serving takes it to perfection.


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