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Islamabad is known for its scenic beauty and unpredictable weathers. After all, the true color of a city is only revealed when seen in all seasons. The best season in Islamabad is, winters, which is many people favorite season and mine as well.

As we all know the winter is here in Islamabad and every nature and fun lovers are much happy than others. The people who really want to see the true color of Islamabad, need to visit and enjoy it with full zeal. Winter rainy weather turn the Islamabad city ever more stunning and romantic. Now, it is the right time to make some outdoor plans to enjoy rainy winter season in Islamabad.

Winter rains starts now in Islamabad, followed by the first snowfall of the season in Murree. Now we compiled a list of places that you should visit with your family, friends and with loved ones or even. As weather starts to get colder, more beautiful, romantic and the rain starts pouring down. In this romantic and beautiful weather, don’t forget to hit up these places to make the best of time and weather to hang out and enjoy the nature.

Long Drive on the Margalla Road

Who deny the beautiful long drive and rainy winter season of Islamabad on clean and green roads? There are so many places to visit on a rainy weather in Islamabad, but, nothing could beats driving on the never-ending Margalla road in the drizzling rain with beautiful music on the radio in winter. It is the worth-taking feeling of long drive in winter with your friends and favorite ones with light gossips. The faded yellows, greens and reds of the traffic lights reflecting on the glass gives you an impression of a painting specifically in rains. You won’t miss out the little thing while driving on Islamabad Margalla roads and explore Dhabas and restaurants of Islamabad.

Rainy Winter Season


The Monal, Pir Sohawa

A name that now become an identity for Islamabad since a long time, here I hope you don’t required an introduction at all. It is located in Pir Sohawa, the place offers perhaps the best cuisine and continental and Pakistan food in the twin cities. Monal has been serving the guest of Islamabad all seasons, especially during the winter and rainy reasons. The major attraction for the people of Islamabad in winter is its breath taking and wonderful scenic view from the top. From Monal top you could enjoy the whole city covered with rain and wet lush green trees which make it more astonishing. So if you are planning to enjoy a drive with some exceptionally beautiful natural scenes then you must reserve a table at any of the two restaurants.

Rainy Winter Season

Highland Country Club

This is another beautiful place to pay visit in Islamabad to enjoy rainy winter season. Highland Country Club-Islamabad is a great place with both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. The ambiance of Highland country club is so cultural so fascinating. You would the scenic view of this place in winter rain and here you could also enjoy snowfall as well. Enjoy the long drive toward Highland country club as well and play your favorite music on high notes and feel the rain and romantic weather.

Rainy Winter Season

Rose and Jasmine Garden

This beautiful floral garden located near Shakarpariyan, this is one of the iconic gardens of Islamabad. Rose and Jasmine Park is famous for its multiple type of floral collection. This park offers its visitors a colorful and beautiful scenic view. While walking of tracks with enjoying splendid natural flowers and trees makes this place superb. You must pay visit with your loved ones and enjoy rainy winter season with open and soothing heart.

Rainy Winter Season

Lake View Park

A natural lake that is more than a century old has been serving the needs of the local residents of Islamabad since the city came into existence. This park has filling the needs of everyone. For children there has been World class rides, swings and edible items.  Youngsters could enjoy the boating and beautiful scenic views with friends. The management have rapidly added options from rock climbing to state of the art go-carting tracks. There has been a lot more fun activities along with a phenomenal bird park. You can enjoy all these and spots in Lake View Park spots in the rainy winter season of Islamabad.

Rainy Winter Season

The weather of Islamabad could be unpredictable, but won’t miss out to enjoy especially in winter evenings. So go out and enjoy the rainy days and garam garam chai with pakore. Enjoy more interesting content with Bookirea.com.





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