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Weddings in Pakistan are the most heartwarming events of a lifetime. These events are remembered over the years later by everyone. From Mehndi to Barat and Walima each day is a union making the bond between two souls and their families by trading years of culture, customs and traditions. The days are important for the bride and groom as these are the grass-root basis of their whole new life journey.


A new trend of Shehndi has begun in Pakistan. It is the event where two ceremonies of Mehndi and Shadi (Barat) are combined and celebrated together as an independent event. All the customs and traditions of Mehndi and Shadi are performed in a single day event. From Nikkah to Mehndi followed by Barat and Rukhsati everything is celebrated in a one-day event.

In this ever so busy and Helter-skelter life attending so many events at one time is becoming more and more difficult by time. Shehndi has become a pain reliever for that cause as it has packed a two-day event in one in wedding seasons.

As in Islam wedding ceremony is only a two-day event Nikkah and Walima. On the day of Nikkah Rukhsati and on the very next day Walima is held along with the feast. As Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said

“The best wedding is that upon which the least trouble and expenses is bestowed” (Mishkat)

Shehndi is very economical and time-saving. As it merges the expenses of two-day occasion into a single day and all the hassle and time required to attain two-day tasks is taken out in a day.

Shehndi Arrangements

Shehndi, an event is creating so much convenience in our life but is also a very vast and overwhelming event to take out. Its preparation and planning require a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of the parents and bride and groom as well.

Arrangements of Nikkah, Mehndi, Shadi to Rukhsati requires a lot of time management and expenses. As this day is very important to the bride and groom creating their lifetime memories and a day to head start a new life. Every arrangement needs to be perfect.

  • The booking of the place of event and decor:  The booking of the hall is the most important step of a ceremony. The best place to find in accordance with the event to make the bride and groom’s day special. Also making the guests comfortable and pleased. Finding the best place is a time taking a task like local talent, as going hall to hall and place to place takes a lot of pain and waste of time. In today’s age every bride, groom, and families want the best decorations at their wedding. New decor and wedding arrangement ideas have created a lot of competition in hand to look more appealing and presentable. The stage decoration, the bridal seat, florals, lighting should be spectacular. The ramp is the main loci of entertainment; its styling is meant to be amazing. Along with all that the seating arrangement, tablescape, and ceiling should be having over the top look. The theme of the ceremony has to possess a unique wedding decor look and personalized touch. All this requires a lot of work, time and energy.

Shehndi 1

  • Photographer and beautician: A perfect marriage picture album has to be a moment that could be treasured by a glooming couple. It is a special day for the bride and groom that need to capture emotions details and appearance of everything. The photograph should evoke memories of the big day. The current time requires the best photographers. The vibrant and colorful photo booths for which one has to start looking beforehand take a lot of work. Everyone wants to look the best on their wedding day. On the most beautiful day in the life of a couple, they want to look sparkling as looking good makes you feel good. So one needs to pre-prepare for wedding looks in accordance with the day theme, backgrounds, couple’s appearance contrast and having a unique vibrant look the best beautician needs to be looked up to. A lot of research needs to be done requiring a great deal of time and money to achieve satisfaction.

Shehndi 2

  • Food menu service and cater to food booths: The biggest challenge of a wedding day is to find the fine dinnertime. As there are a lot of variations between the taste buds of Pakistani generations and locations, so the selection of the menu is becoming difficult. Along with that foodservice has to be up to the mark. Nowadays a trend of food booths has also taken its course. It is also a hectic job for the wedding planning party to look up for a place with the best, accessible, economical food catering place with good quality food.

Shehndi 3

  • Entertainment/music and invitation cards: Mehndi is like a bachelor party for young ones but adults enjoy it too. The most special ingredient for it is the right genre of music and specific mehndi tunes and songs. Booking of DJ and selection of songs is a big struggle now as music trends and new songs get into fashion and become out of fashion very quickly. When somebody gets engaged the time comes when they need to start thinking of the wedding card’s message, layout, style, and appearance. It needs to be genuine, fashionable and stylish. Having a personalized touch, opt with tradition and mentioning few things having a norm to write in a wedding card. A whole responsibility comes across in choosing the right printers and the right card at a suitable price for a wedding.

Bookirea –A Solution to Shehndi Planning

Bookirea provides the solution to all your wedding planning problems. Preparing and arranging an event is not a difficult task anymore. No more waiting in lines, no more dealing with traffic, no more searching door to door and place to place, no more hectic decision making of every single item of decorations, food, halls, and photography.

Bookirea is the online solution to all your Shehndi arrangements with all the relief you want to have on your special days.

Shehndi 4

Now booking of the place of Shehndi can be done through bookirea just by a click. From Marriage Halls/ Marquees to Banquet hall you can look up their accessibility, parking, location, capacity, and capability of different costs according to your pocket sitting on couch. Ambience and quality of every service can be checked by the rating the service has got previously.

Bookirea allows the easy decision making for food caterer, foodservice and its menu of good quality without any long arguments. It also provides looking up food booths and appetizers such as meetha pan, golgapa faloda and chocolate fountain.

By scrolling Bookirea you can choose your Shehndi decor and theme for a vibrant event. It also provides photography, beautician, and entertainment /music options on your fingertips.

No more hectic search for the best ceremony features which will be saving your precious time and energy.

Shehndi 5

Bookirea provides many amazing features for Shehndi as Istaqbalia options fireworks. The bridal room arrangements rides arrangements from limousine to any car of your choice, the honeymoon resorts can be booked as it is preceding part of marriage nowadays.

Bookirea provides discounts on different halls and Shehndi arrangements that is a relieves your economical stress quite a bit in this time of expenses and cash outflux.

Bookirea is your own wedding planner giving you a relaxed wonderful and stresses free special day.

Giving its fine services in different cities including Islamabad, Karachi, Chakwal, Rawalpindi, and Lahore.


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