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First Online Event Planner & Top Event Services Provider in Pakistan

As we all know this is the modern era of style, fashion, class struggle, and trendy things, people try to do something more attractive,...

Pakistani Wedding Events and Sweet Area Wise Traditions

Everyone knows that this is the season of wedding events in Pakistan, the time of year when relatives fly in from all over the...

Tips on How To Prioritize Wedding Checklist?

A wedding is a day in which a person creates many memories and if someone chooses you to manage the event then you should...

Shehndi with Bookirea

Weddings in Pakistan are the most heartwarming events of a lifetime. These events are remembered over the years later by everyone. From Mehndi to...

How To Make Weddings Memorable?

A wedding in Pakistan is the biggest event in someone’s life. Whether a bride or groom, it is the most important day of their...

BOOKIREA- Making Events Worth Remembering

Over the years we have seen the technology taking its course. The world has become a global village where everything is just a click...