The Best Wedding Dress Designs for Your Body Type

We have compiled a list of the best wedding dress designs for your body type because Looking through fashion catalogues to find the perfect dress can be daunting. It’s always good to have a general idea of what you want your dress to look like, and knowing what suits you best, is a great starting point.

To get a better understanding of what will look great on you, you’ll first need to determine your body type and this includes your body shape.

The Best Wedding Dress designs for your Body Type

The three popular body types are as follows:

  • Triangle
  • Inverted triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Hourglass



If you have broad hips with a defined waist and carry more weight in your lower half, then your characteristics match that of a triangle body shape, also known as the pear shape. Your chosen outfit should bring harmony to your figure and draw attention away from the hips, accentuating your upper half. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind if you fit this profile.


  • Bring focus to your upper body.
  • High waisted options are flattering on most shapes, but you can go for low waisted ones too.
  • Adorn the top of your dress or the choli with heavy embellishment. This is where you can really experiment and get that ‘wow’ factor.
  • Go for bold and eye-catching necklines with stylish designs.
  • A delicate, flowy dupatta made of fabric such as net or georgette is recommended.


  • Heavy embroidery or sparkles on the bottom half of your dress is not advisable.
  • Straight cut or mermaid lehengas should be avoided. Straight cut ones will make you look one dimensional and mermaid tail won’t be flattering on your figure.
  • Avoid adding too much volume to the lower half of your dress.
  • In accessories, avoid adding a belt to your outfit, as it may look like unnecessary bulk around the hips.

Inverted Triangle

inverted triangle

If you have an athletic build and your shoulders are noticeably wider than your hips or if your bust line is comparatively larger, then that would visually make your upper body much more distinct than your lower half. In this case, your body type can be categorised as an inverted triangle.


  • You can add body and volume to the lower half of your dress. Panelled or layered lehengas with a large diameter will suit you well.
  • A-line lehengas with a playful flare can work really well for your physique too.
  • You can choose a dress with embellishments and detailing on the lower half.



  • Avoid heavily embellished cholis. This will not help in balancing your proportions.
  • Don’t go for wide necklines such as the boat neck. V or U shaped necklines would suit you perfectly.



If you have a lean figure with a similar hip to shoulder ratio and a waistline that is not particularly defined with a torso that is somewhat elongated, then you most likely have a rectangular body. This type is also known as the column.

With this physique, a dress that accentuates your waist and draws focus to your face is the best way to go.


  • Select a lehenga with a wide diameter along with generous amount of details and embellishments. This will add curves to your figure and give you some dimensions.
  • Try fuller and flared skirts in stiff fabrics, such as brocade. This will look stunning and luxurious on you.
  • Go for a choli or top that isn’t to lengthy. Think of the princess silhouette, that’s what you want to achieve while selecting the elements of your dress.
  • You can even look for cholis with pleated fabrics and with a cinched waist to achieve a glamorous look.


  • Avoid high necks or necklines that are cut too close to the neck. This will make your top half look flat and your shoulders will appear narrower than they are.
  • Don’t opt for a lengthy shirt or choli. The definition of the waist is important. If you shirt overlaps too heavily with the lower half of the dress, you may end up looking flat.



The oval shape is characterized with having a heavier mid-section and bust with a seemingly wide back with very little waist definition. This shape is also known as the apple or barrel. The main thing to focus on is to emphasize the waist and create a balanced look by adding just the right amount of volume to the bottom.


  • For your body shape, an A-line lehenga would look very attractive. Empire-length dresses with lower neck lines will look stunning.
  • You could accessorize your outfit with a fancy belt, this will add definition to your waist as well.
  • V-neck and U-neck will look flattering on you.
  • To make your top glamourous, add details on the shoulders and sleeves.


  • Avoid mermaid or trumpet style dresses because these will highlight the widest part of your body.
  • Don’t go for straight across necklines, as this will make you appear flat and won’t be flattering.
  • Avoid choosing a heavily embellished choli. This will make you look disproportionate.



If you have a well-defined waist with fairly similar hip and bust measurements, then you fall into the hourglass shape category.


  • Though you can try most designs and styles. The mermaid and trumpet styles are the most flattering silhouettes out there. These designs will accentuate your curves and you’ll be looking absolutely beautiful on your big day.
  • A detailed and structured top would look lovely.


  • Do not go for an empire waist. This will completely hide your waist and your curves.
  • Don’t go for a stiff fabric for your dupatta. Opt for something that drapes elegantly and remains fluid while you move.

With this general guide on what to look out for and what to avoid, you can now take a plunge and begin your search for the best wedding dress design for your body type.


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