How Tourism in Pakistan Got Internationally Top Ranking

Pakistan’s land is blessed with lots of natural treasures and wonders. It has beautiful green landscapes, high lush green and snow mountains, and many other plain beautiful lands. We have seen many developments in the tourism sector in the last few years. Every department related to tourism and the government itself tries it’s hard to promote the beauty of Pakistan on an Internationally.

Incidents and Government Efforts Unlock the Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan

The Kpk government is increasingly making efforts to unlock the tourism in Pakistan. Various quick initiatives were taken in 2019, which will help further in the near future. The process of applying for a tourist visa in Pakistan was made much easier than before. Similarly, different tourism conventions were held to change the image of Pakistan from an unsafe country to a tourist-friendly.

To facilitate and ensure the safety of the visitors, a tourism police wing was introduced in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The tourism apps are launch to facilitate the tourists and make their traveling easier and enjoyable.

Many events further helped Pakistan and make it a top tourist-friendly country on an international level. The visit of the British royal couple in October helped Pakistan grab international headlines, the international or national media highlights the visit and traveled places in detail. After those efforts, the country gradually made its way to the top.

Here we will discuss further how incidents, government efforts and natural beauty of the country boost tourism in Pakistan in 2019.

International Recognition as the Coolest Destination of the World

Tourism in Pakistan

It’s not a small thing for a country to achieve the status of World cool and safe destination.  We all are proud and happy at the same time to become the coolest tourist destination. This fantastic news arrived just at the beginning of 2019, Forbes Magazine, a famous international publication, ranked Pakistan among the year’s top 10 coolest places to visit. The whole success of achieving this brilliant status from unsafe to safest or coolest place was based on a number of factors. One of the most important being viral testimonials by foreign tourists.

International Bloggers & Vloggers Promote Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan

Various international travelers and vloggers or bloggers who visited Pakistan documented their experiences. How they explore the natural beauty of the country and how they captured domestic northern areas life. Their heart-warming accounts of locals welcoming them with open arms took the internet by storm and people from all over the world took interest in their visits in Pakistan and explore the beautiful hidden places of ours.

Tourism in PakistanTourism in PakistanTourism in Pakistan

American vlogger Drew Binsky, who has visited many countries, he also visited Pakistan in March 2019 for two weeks and shared the 10 things he loves about the South Asian country. All of this helped highlight the fact that Pakistan is a safe country to visit. Many other bloggers and vloggers also visit Pakistan and explore our natural beauty in their blogs and travel diaries. Eva zu Back is another name among those international travelers and vlogger. She visits and lived with our locals and enjoy their life.  She further promotes our places, hidden valleys, and lakes through her social media forums.

2020 Best Holiday Destinations

Tourism in Pakistan

The year 2019 came to an end with fantastic news.

An American luxury travel magazine, Conde Nast, declare Pakistan as the #1 holiday destination for 2020. This will further confirm the fact that Pakistan is a safe country to visit.

Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan

All in all, 2019 was a successful year for tourism in Pakistan, foreign tourists were all praise for the untainted beauty of the country. A new incentive is taken to revive tourism activities in a country. The country’s name was associated with tourism instead of terrorism on the global stage, which is amazing for the people of Pakistan.

The Royal Couple Visit Pakistan & a New wave of Foreign Tourists Began

Tourism in Pakistan

The royal couple visits Pakistan in October 2019, their short visit brought the country on the international stage. Couple explores the spell-bound beauty of Gilgit and Chitral valley. They had also visited the most iconic Badshahi Mosque in Lahore. Through their visit, they deliver the message of peace and safe destination to the World. The royal couple visit highlighted Pakistan’s positive image to the world. In their short visit, they are Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan and the couple had a royal breakfast with PM, Pakistan. Our public figures gathered at the Pakistan Monument for the Royale welcome Dinner and spend a good time with our Royal guests.

Many other events had supported the positive and beautiful image of Pakistan. The launch of Kartarpur Corridor, the launch of KPK tourism authority and tourism app, Pakistan tourism summit, and the relaxed e-visa policy opened up doors to tourism for travelers belonging to different countries.

Now Pakistan has renewed energy to attract foreign tourists and showcase the beautiful and positive image of the country. To explore and experience the amazing beauty of mountains, green meadows, valleys and lakes after head over toward Pakistan.

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