Travel & Tourism toward Kashmir! A Heaven on the Face of This Earth

If you ever wish to see the heavenly places on earth then must rush toward Kashmir, real heaven on earth. You could feel a big difference as soon as you drove across the Kohala Bridge over the Jhelum River, and into Azad Kashmir. God has given this place some majestic effects for attracting our heart. The beauty of Kashmir will mesmerize you for a moment and create majestic effects around you; you feel you were in a beautiful dream & someone paints the beautiful surrounding.  In summers, the place is lush and vibrantly green with velvet green mountains; and in winters, it is snowy, as far as the eyes could reach, it is snow everywhere, the mountains seem covered with snow, alongside the river flows picturesquely which is refreshing both in summers and in winters. It always has the admiration of nature lovers. Here we will tell you about the parts of this beautiful place for visiting or traveling. This is really a heaven on the face of the earth, and the beauty of this place is incredible.
Beauty of Kashmir

Beautiful Places of Kashmir for Travel and tourism!

1. Pir Chinasi

Pir Chinasi is named after a saint buried there. The place is located at the top of the mountain so the weather is generally cool. When you visit the place you feel drizzling and the place has a good cloud cover all the time. You could literally feel the clouds and enjoyed the experience of this high peak mountain in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. A beautiful place to visit in Azad Kashmir, it is also covered with a lush green deep forest, high mountains, and wonderful breathtaking valleys. Pir Chinasi covers the natural scenic views which attract visitors and travelers most.
Pir Chinasi

2. Keran, Azad Kashmir

Keran is a village and tourist resort in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is located on the bank of Neelum River. Here you could find a small bazaar and a tourist rest house situated on the bank of river Neelum across which one can have a glance at the Indian held Kashmir. Through this beautiful village, you will enjoy & adore the beauty of the Neelam River.
Keran, Azad Kashmir

3. Upper Neelum

Upper Neelum (Neelum Village) is located at a distance of about two & a half km from Keran. This panoramic lush green and attractive village, profound in wild fruit and wildlife, attracts tourists from all over the world. Another remarkable feature of this spot is that one can view the entire area of occupied Kashmir from here & enjoy the charms of this little beautiful and attractive place.
Upper Neelam

4. Arang Kel

Arang Kel is a village, and tourist spot in the Neelam valley of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is located on the hilltop above Kel. Kel is another village below Arang Kel. Both villages cover the natural scenic views, the people of Kashmir is very simple/hospitable and very cooperative. These villages are the best places for travel & tourism along with your family and friends.
Arang Kel

5. Kashmir Abshar

Kashmir Abshar is located at the Kohala Muzzaffrabad road, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is another beautiful place which covers waterfalls, the best place for a family picnic and enjoys the cool and clean water of these waterfalls. The natives convert this place into a sitting place right under the waterfall. People sit on the chairs which are fixed in water and enjoy the charm of this beautiful place. It is the best place for your summer visit.
Kashmir Abshar

6. Banjosa Lake

Banjosa Lake is an artificial lake and a tourist resort from the city of Rawalakot in Poonch District of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The lake is surrounded by dense pine forest and lush green mountains, which make it a charming and romantic place. The weather in the area remains cool in summers and cold in winter. In December and January snowfall also occurs here and tourists rush toward this place to enjoy the beauty of this place. The temperature falls to -5 °C during summer & remains cool and romantic which attracts nature lovers. The houses and huts will be built very nicely where you could relax after a long tiring and adventurous day. This is also a very famous and demanding place for travel & tourism.
Banjosa Lake

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