How Coronavirus Spread In Pakistan & How it Effect Event Management Industry

Let’s start with the break out news of coronavirus that making its way in Wuhan, the city of China. In the beginning, the people believe in the myths that the virus transmitted through animals to animals and when humans start eating those animals meat it indirectly transmitted in humans. The major concern is that the corona doesn’t only affect humans but the businesses as well, many business sectors like event management, clothing industry, hotels, restaurants, and import-export facing damage on a huge scale with zero revenue due to virus outbreak.

Myths about Corona Virus

As many people believe in myth in Pakistan, that the virus transmitted through animals. By following myths about the virus, many people stop eating white meat to prevent virus growth, which is totally wrong perception. We have seen a number of deaths occurred in different parts of the earth due to this disease, that’s why the disease call pandemic disease.  Some also say that the sunlight kills the virus or prevents its growth, which is still doubted or unclear or the biggest myths might possible. If sunlight really works then what about the suspects who receive the virus and still waiting for the antibody which kill virus from their bodies. It is still unclear or ambiguous that how viruses transmitted to humans from where or when.

How Corona Virus Originated

As China is a powerful country, the deaths occurred in china was due to a sudden outbreak of this disease and unavailability of vaccine and antibodies of this virus. The people don’t take the disease seriously and cause its sudden spread through human to human and result in the form of many deaths and suspects. After China, we have noticed the disease spread very fast in the whole world.

Many types of research have been conducted to find out the reason behind this powerful virus formation and antibody to prevent its growth, but yet all failed. The virus spread in the whole world more quickly than myths. Now it is proved that the virus spread through human to human in form of touching, coughing droplets which remain in airs around 3 to 4 hours carries virus and surface to surface touch.

The overall condition goes worse or critical in all over the World. Those countries that follow social distancing are able to control the further spread of the virus to others but those like our in Pakistan; people don’t take it seriously and cause the spread of the virus as quickly as someone thinks. Now the foreign countries start closing their business sector like event management, restaurants, hotels, import-export, educational institutes, shopping centers, parks and many others with zero social activity to prevent virus growth further.

Corona Virus Outbreak in Pakistan

As the virus in Pakistan spread due to foreign travelers, not only through recent travelers but also from those who have 3 months ago traveling history. The virus spread very quickly in Pakistan because of the non-serious attitude of the locals and the suspects do not follow the precautions and socializing activities. When we talk about the recent number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan which are 645 recorded. The government strictly announces the prevention of social activities in the country.

A temporary lockdown started to prevent the virus growth on the official end, all businesses closed for 15 days except food and grocery for the sake of survival and protection of the residents. The prime minister said we are reluctant to lockdown or whole country because it causes famine or death of the poor’s due to poverty, but we do it temporarily to prevent further virus growth.

The virus outbreak not only effects governmental bodies or firms but all local big or small businesses facing damage on the same level.

Most of the suspects have traveling history of Iran, and few other countries in the past few 3 months, after their return they didn’t examine their tests and keep socializing with the people and causes spread of the disease to others who have no traveling history at all. The pandemic disease killed 1400+ people for now in the whole world, and if people of Pakistan don’t take it seriously the situation here goes more critical.

Which Business Sector is Suitable for investment

As we all know that the condition goes worse day by day, to analyzing the situation due to virus outbreak the Prime Minister of Pakistan announces the lockdown for 15 days to prevent socializing and request to citizens to do self-quarantine for at least two weeks, because these two weeks are very critical where the virus grows rapidly. As the official lockdown started that means all marriage or banquet halls closed, catering services close and zero social activities will be conduct on any level.

Although these precautions are meant to take to safe people from the virus but on the other hand, it damages the event management industry on a huge scale. All events are canceled due to the ongoing situations within the country which means zero revenue of the event management industry until the situation becomes favorable. The disease not only affects the event management industry but the overall country’s economy fall very rapidly from last week. On the other hand, we really care about our people and we all hope for the best and pray to Allah that he forbid us and protect us from this pandemic disease.

Precautions to Follow:

  • Wash your hand after touching anything or using anything.
  • Keep self-quarantine until the situation become favorable.
  • Use hand sanitizer after 10 minutes if you have no water available.
  • Prevent any social activity, stay at home and save yourself.
  • Use masks if you want to go in any emergency or to go outside to buy something.
  • Try to keep the distance at least 1 meter at least, while sitting in offices or public places.
  • If you feel the symptoms of virus-like, dry coughing, flue, hard breathing, pain in the chest, then run to your nearest hospital and get tested.
  • Until or unless the test reports are coming, keep yourself isolated to prevent infection transmission.
  • Carefully use eatable items and wash vegetables and fruits before eating or cooking.
  • Avoid handshaking or any social activity with more than 4 people.
  • Request and urge other people to stay at home, not for their own selves but for others.
  • Drink hot water as much as you can and when you cough or sneeze use your elbow to prevent droplets into the air.
  • Eat healthy and fresh food to make your immune system compatible enough to fight against the virus.

Once you all follow these precautionary measures, we could easily mitigate the outbreak. We believe that our country fights bravely against this disease and our economy rise again. We also hoped the coming hot and dry weather will also prevent the virus growth until we all should need to keep ourselves in quarantine to mitigate the outbreak.



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