How To Make Weddings Memorable?

A wedding in Pakistan is the biggest event in someone’s life. Whether a bride or groom, it is the most important day of their life. Weddings in Pakistan are quite different from Western culture. It can long for days, all the planning and shopping starts months ago. Marriages in Pakistan are extravagant, beautiful and heartfelt. How to make weddings memorable is the question which arises in the mind of the person who is going to marry. It is not only the bond between two people but it binds two families. People come close and celebrate to their fullest. Often marriages in Pakistan are arranged where parents get a chance to choose a spouse for their child. The bride and groom often don’t meet until the wedding day. The marriages can be semi-arranged or love marriages as well. But mostly it’s the family affair.

The events include Mangni (Engagement), Mehndi, Barat, Nikkah and Walima.


Mangni (engagement) is the event where all the celebrations start. The bride and groom exchange rings and this is where actually everything starts between two families. A few close friends and relatives gather from both sides and the event takes place.


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Mehndi is the first event celebrated a day or two before the actual wedding day. It is more like a bachelorette party in the West. It’s a function that is celebrated separately by both the families at their respective places. But nowadays it can be celebrated in a single place. There’s a lot of dancing and partying. Yellow or green is the preferred theme color. The customary Mehndi night is more like a fun night and the celebrations continue till late.


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Followed by Mehndi are Baraat and Rukhsati. This is the event where the groom’s family and friends gather and go to the bride’s home to bring her to the groom’s house. This is where Nikkah, the most fundamental event of Islamic marriage takes place. Sometimes it can be signed before this day. A Muslim cleric heads the procession and looks after the signing the Nikkah forms by both the bride and groom along with three witnesses. At last, he blesses the couple. The event is hosted by the bride’s family. At the end of the day, Rukhsati takes place where the bride leaves for the groom’s house. It is a very emotional event as she has to leave her parents to settle in a new family and environment and start a new life.

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Last but not least comes Walima that is hosted by the groom’s family. This is mostly a huge gathering for lunch or dinner that is hosted to commemorate the marriage celebrations and a large group of people shows up. It’s more like a large reception hosted as the hospitality gesture for the guests who have attended the wedding but at the same time where everyone can be invited and hosted.

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How To Make Your Weddings Memorable?

A lot of events, no? That means a lot of preparations, hectic routines, stress might be common and most importantly a lot of money is involved. Mostly marriage is an event where one can show off as much as they want but at the same time, it’s the matter of pride as well for both of the families. Both of them never want to leave any stone unturned and want perfection in every little thing. People’s opinions count and they want nothing but the best. In recent times we have been to many marriages that have not been properly managed and led to disastrous event management. Who suffers then? The family itself. Wait why to suffer now when Bookirea is at the aid. Whether it’s Mehndi, Baraat, Nikkah or Walima everything is just a click away from you. Sounds fascinating? Well yes, it is fascinating. It saves everything. From time to money and pride they save it all.

Bookirea is on the mission of making events memorable. Not long ago you must have hosted a marriage ceremony that drained every ounce of energy and drenched every penny of yours and still you didn’t get what you strived for, you get stressed and became penniless. Sounds a loss to us which we can’t bear. So to avoid all this stressful ritual we decided to provide our countrymen some comfort. Bookirea created a platform where your wedding management can be done from your drawing-room. You don’t have to visit and book wedding halls, then find good caterers and plan every little thing. Forget that. Just visit Bookirea. They provide a hall of your choice where the event can be managed according to your desires. Most of the Pakistani families are middle class or lower-middle class. Marriage is mostly an event where they spend their savings but don’t get what they deserve.

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Trust Bookirea and forget all your worries because we have promised to book memories. Book online with Bookirea and leave the rest to us because we consider your pride as our pride.


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