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    Weddings are the most important events of everyone’s life, whether it could be your owns or someone specials. Everyone growing up with this image in our heads of how we want our wedding days will be. Pakistani wedding celebrations is a part of our culture and no one deny the importance of these events. As we grew up with a concept of a grand wedding events, colorful dresses and food embedded into our brains. With the passage of time, we have realize that all the stressful stuff about events never hits you until you actually have to face it. For the wedding events you need to keep in mind a few important things regarding the wedding planning, arrangements and most important the place for your events. You need to choose the perfect theme, food, and decor, but most importantly the wedding venues or marriage halls has to be perfect.

    Marriage halls needs to be lavish, and big enough to accommodate everyone but not so big so it looks empty, and it needs to be in your nearest location, which quite frankly is not as easier to find in Lahore. But, Bookirea make it more convenient and easier for you to choose and find your desired wedding venues or marriage halls.

    So, here we have pick few amazing, trendy and classy marriage halls from which would be a perfect choice for your weddings.

    Top 10 Marriage Halls in Lahore

    1.  Anam Marriage Hall

    Marriage Halls

    Anam marriage hall is located at old Nishtar Stop near Water Tubewell, Main Ferozpur Road. Their eye-catching interior, creative designs and choice of theme and colors will makes your events more astonishing. The premises bear Banquet Hall styled sitting arrangements in a one outstanding and stylish hall.

    This hall offers the most scenic wedding venues with comfortable, customized décor arrangements and event theme to enchant your guests. Whatever you are planning ideal size venue for your wedding, this will surely be your best wedding venue in Lahore.

    Now entertain your guest of your most awaited events and wedding ceremonies with bookirea. Anam Marriage hall has a capacity to accommodate 100 to 300 guests for your all kind of events.

    2.  Sultan Bahoo Marriage Hall

    Marriage Halls

    Sultan Bahoo marriage hall is located at Main Canal Bank Road Salamat Pura, Lahore. They have amazing and wonderful interior which shows modern and creative designs. Their choice of themes and colors makes them more demanding. This premises bear Banquet hall styled sitting arrangements in an open and beautiful open hall, where 100 to 400 guests will easily accommodates.

    Excess guests could be easily accommodated at a very shortest notice. They provide best decor services, food, catering and sound system at a very economical prices. Choose Sultan Bahoo and make your events classy and memorable with Bookirea.

    3.  Marwa Marriage Hall

    Marwa marriage hall is located at Johar Town, Lahore. This is one of the best wedding venue in Lahore and most economical venue for those who want an eye-catching interior, creative designs and classic themes. The premises bear fixed marquee styled sitting arrangements, classy décor and other hassle-free services. They have 3 amazing open and classy halls where 100 to 350 guest could easily accommodates.

    They always try their hard to entertain their client’s guests and act according to their requirements. Book this venue for your all type of events and make them classy within your budget.

    4.  Mumtaz Mahal Marriage Hall

    Marriage Halls

    Mumtaz Mahal Marriage Hall is located at By Pass near Farooqabad, Lahore. It is one of the best marriage hall in Lahore, their eye-catching interior, creative designs attracts clients. This premises bear fixed marquee styled sitting arrangements in 2 open and stylish halls, where 100 to 350 guests could easily accommodates.

    Mumtaz Mahal have a strong market reputation and a valid name among others in Lahore. Excess number of guests can be accommodated at a very shortest notice. If you are looking for tasty food, venue, catering and decor services for your wedding events than you are in the right place.

    5.  Abroo Marriage Hall

    Marriage Halls

    Abroo marriage hall is located at Block A, Shah Farid Sabzazar, Lahore. This is perfect example of classy, trendy and elegance, this hall is consider as one of the best marriage hall in Lahore. Their amazing interior, creative designs and economical prices appeal clients. This venue has 1 outstanding hall where 150 to 400 guests could easily accommodates. Their professional team of caterers, decorators are 24/7 available for multiple types of events. They always try to make your wedding events and planning much easier than before. They offers both continental and international cuisines with utmost security and service for your perfect day.

    Visit Bookirea and get multiple venues, menu, caterers, photographers, Deja’s and Décor services under one roof and make your event classy and trendy.


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