Beautiful Mosques in Pakistan are the Best Places for Nikkah

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Our zeal and enthusiasm to follow the sunnah is a sign of our love for Islam and our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

We have many beautiful mosques for nikkah event in different cities of Pakistan, But here we are going to discuss two of them.

Strikingly Wonderful Faisal Mosque!

Strikingly wonderful! Faisal Mosque is situated in Margalla Hills, and it is a magnificent sight. It is the most notorious milestone of the Capital. Margallah hills out of sight make it a pleasant view. Majestic is the word that comes in mind after visiting the Faisal Mosque. Everything about Faisal Mosque is incredible, the main streets, the skyrocket like minarets, the appearance, the Margalla hills, etc.

Shah Faisal Mosque, Islamabad

Memorable Nikkah Ceremony

Faisal Mosque Strikingly beautiful Nikkah place will add charm and calmness in someone’s special event. Nikkah is a holy event in which two souls tie a knot & step forward into a beautiful relationship. The beauty inside Faisal Mosque will make your Nikkah ceremony a bliss. Couple adoring the beauty of Faisal Mosque and enjoy the Heart-warming moments there, and they capture these adorable moments.  After signing the Nikkah papers couple feel more attraction in their relationship, they realize the beauty inside the Sunnah. After Nikkah both adore each other politely and with full of love. Their love after being mahram is unconditional and unplanned; it is the purest form of love that you couldn’t hide from the world.
Nikkah at Shah Faisal mosque


Strikingly Beautiful Badshahi Mosque!

In Old Lahore, a wonderful Mughal’s architectural monument, Badshahi Mosque is the divine and symbolic structure of Lahore. The majestic mosque is the brilliant show of art sense, beauty, love, enthusiasm, and dignity of Mughal Emperors. At the entrance, you can read and see the historical backdrop of mosque development, damage, and redesign. In the evening the view of the mosque will become notorious, rendering astonishing twilight. In the mosque courtyard, the tomb of Allama Iqbal is placed with all its wealth.

Badshah Mosque Lahore

Unforgettable Moments of Nikkah

The historical beauty inside the mosque will mesmerize you, you felt like you are a prince or princess of Mughal’s Emperor. Couples after signing the Nikkah papers, they visit the mosque and capture their unforgettable moments along with their beloved ones. In the evening, the beauty of the mosque mesmerize you for a moment and brings you into a beautiful and unforgettable world. The management of the mosque allows Nikkah just for two hours on Friday after Jumma. Couples pray there for a happy future & go back to their home with lots of happy and nostalgic moments of their life.
nikkah at Badshahi Mosque

Make your Nikkah more charming, soulful, trendy, bliss and memorable in the beautiful mosques. Adore the blessing of God for your happy future ahead.


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