Let’s Have a Fun and Memorable Trip toward Murree Hill Station

Murree is the most famous hill station or valley of Pakistan. People from all cities of Pakistan love to have a good and memorable time in Murree. In past every new weds couple honeymoon choice was Murree, Couple love to spend a good time there. But now it’s not only famous among Pakistani’s, we can imagine its popularity by the fact that it is well known throughout the Asia. People from all over the country visit this beautiful city, the city full of mountains, a beautiful valley which is called a ‘’Queen of Mountains’’.

The major reason behind popularity of this hill station is its accessibility factor. If you are a residents of Islamabad or Rawalpindi than you just take 30-40 minutes’ drive from Islamabad to Murree and enjoy this lush green valley with cool breeze in summer and covered with snow in winter. For other cities Murree isn’t that far away and even if it is in some cases, people love to travel to see the breath-taking natural beauty of this city. Murree is surrounded by palm trees and lush green or Snow Mountains according to seasons. You will never resist yourself to watch its mesmerizing beauty and snow falling, which add more colors in its natural beauty.

Murree is such a beautiful hill station which catches every tourist’s attention. There are tons of places in Murree for spending quality time with friends and family. Here we will tell you about few beautiful places in Murree which you won’t miss out to visit. Visits Bookirea event Management Company and find more interesting wedding, birthdays, bridal showers and corporate events packages at a very economical rates. Experience the quality services and décor with Bookirea. Let’s start a journey toward beautiful places of Murree hill station.

Pindi Point

Murree Hill Station

This is such a beautiful place of Murree, which is located at a walking distance from the famous mall road. Pindi point is a well-known picnic spot in Murree, where you see the tall palm trees surrounded by tall beautiful mountains.

From Pindi point you can see the historical Pindi city from a distance, that’s why it is known as Pindi Point.  In summer season you will enjoy the lush green mountains and greenery all around and in winters the whole things covered with snow give you a mesmerizing and unforgettable iconic view. This point is also famous for its chair lift ride, you would enjoy along chair lift ride here. Am sure you will forget any other country while visit this place in especially winters.

Ayubia and Donga Gali

Murree Hill Station

Ayubia is another location which attracts a lot of tourist’s attraction from all over the World. The Ayubia national park has various species of animals to entertain people, children who love to enjoy while playing with animals. This spot also have a chair lift facility but is it not safest as any other place chair lift.

Ayubia chair lift may not be the safest but it would be definitely an enjoyable experience for thrill lovers. Here you could find multiple food places and enjoy your meal with enjoy natural beauty.

Murree Hill Station

A pipeline track from Donga Gali to Ayubia, distance of 4 to 5 kilometers separate the both spots. It is very easy walking track for travelers and hiking lovers to reach Donga Gali from Ayubia and enjoy its natural beauty. Donga Gali is full of rare birds, animals which enhance its beauty, here you will find species of monkeys, crows and lizards. If you are wildlife photographer than this place is best for you to capture wild life in detail.


Murree Hill Station

Nathiagali is located in between Abbottabad and Murree. This is one of the best spot to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains real words. It’s not that far away from Murree. Many people prefer to stay there during their visit. Murree hotels have no vacant spaces in any season. Hotels in Nathiagali are less expensive as compared to Mall road. Here you will enjoy the simple beautiful locals life and enjoy their special food items which are also much reasonable than main Murree.

Barian Cannt

Murree Hill Station

This is a beautiful town linked to the city of Abbottabad by a 71 km road via Nathia Gali. This area is often cut off during bad winter weather, and in 2008 snow and heavy landslides also cut off the roads. But now it is back again in little bit stable condition, this is a beautiful area for visit. To enter Barian Cannt you have to cross the entrance gate and enjoy another beautiful valley resides Murree hill station.

Mall Road

Murree Hill Station

Who is unfamiliar from this name? No one! Almost all of us are familiar with this beautiful but busy spot. Mall road of Murree is very popular due to variety of food spots, hotels and big market. The residence at Mall road is bit expensive but beside it everyone wants to book a room there.

There are several shops and food courts alongside the mall road, but as I said before bit expensive but tourist love to buy these local handmade items. People love to shop and eat at this spot and love to enjoy the long walk around its road. The location of Mall roads appeals many tourists. At night in winters the weather becomes even more pleasant and beautiful.

Kashmir Point

Murree Hill Station

The highest point in Murree, Kashmir point is the most famous picnic spot in the city. From this point you can see the mountains of Kashmir, that is the why this location is known as Kashmir point. With the passage of time many development have done to improve this spot. Now it is much better, clean and more attractive than past few years.

Murree Hill Station

I hope you would love these beautiful spots in Murree and enjoy a quality time there. I would recommend to visit Murree hill station in winter and enjoy heavy snow fall and capture all the silent beauty in your cameras.






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