Top 10 Wedding Themes for a Memorable Experience

Planning a wedding can be very hectic. How about take a step back and let professionals take care of planning and organising the main event, so that you and your loved ones can focus on more fun and intimate activities or projects. Let Bookirea do all the heavy lifting while you spend time doing what you love. Once you have professional wedding planners by your side, you’ll have time to use your wedding day as an expression of creativity and make it an exciting experience for all your loved ones. Here’s our list of top 10 wedding themes to get you in the zone.

Top 10 Wedding Themes

1.      Decade Inspired

decade inspired

Ever feel like you were born in the wrong era? Maybe you feel like you belong in the swinging ’60s or the experimental ’70s. If you’re into retro chic, then take the opportunity to express yourself on your big day with a decade inspired wedding theme.

If you’re going for ’70s glam, then there are a lot of elements you can work with. This stylish decade is known for warm autumn-toned colors, geometric patterns and psychedelic designs. The bride and groom could incorporate some of these characteristics into their attire and, of course, decoration.

This decade brought with it the golden age of music: from Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” to Abba’s “Dancing Queen” along with some great hits from Indian artists, such as Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Rafi. You could even create vinyl-record inspired invitation cards for your wedding or just use the idea in other ways. The possibilities are endless.

2.      Movies and Books

Movies and Books

If you’ve wanted to immerse yourself in the world of your favorite movie or book, then your wedding day is the best chance to do so. It could be a great way for you to bond with your significant other, and even other members of the family, if you find common ground in the form of a shared fandom.

For Potterheads, the idea of a Harry Potter themed wedding could be exciting. You and your entourage would have a ball while planning and brainstorming ideas for your wizarding experience. With a theme like that, you’d be bringing joy to all muggle guests that never received their Hogwarts letter in the mail.

If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you could perhaps design a menu that is reminiscent of your chosen movie or book as well.

3.      Whimsical


A quirky and whimsical wedding would make for an interesting aesthetic. If that’s also a side of your personality, you can get creative and experiment with ideas to create something unique.

The bride and groom’s outfit, décor, music and wedding cake can all have a whimsical element.

Paper flowers, birdcages, fairy lights and some interesting music will help tie your concept together.

4.      Interstellar


If you look up to the sky and can’t help but be fascinated by the universe and what’s beyond, you could create an interstellar experience for your wedding day. You’ll have a celestial pallet of colours. Decorative lights and glossy textures could be used to create an out-of-this-world atmosphere. Glossy marble cakes look stunning and would go well with this theme.

5.      Antique


This theme will allow you to play with various textures and rust-like colours. You could even draw inspiration from gothic art and the steampunk aesthetic if you’re into those things.

Antique jewellery with a theme like this would help complete the bride’s look. The groom could also experiment with his attire and go for metallic colours along with some unique accessories, such as an antique pocket watch.

6.      Tropical


Go tropical! This theme will give you plenty of ideas to experiment with. If you love nature and wildlife, this could be a great chance to showcase what you’re passionate about.

You could use banana tree leaves, palm leaves etc. as decoration. This theme will allow you get creative with your wedding invitation cards and give you the freedom to use vibrant and bright colours, such as hot pink, orange, bright yellow, aquamarine and lime green, in décor and attire. You could also design a tropical menu with fresh flavors.

7.      Eco-Friendly


Your wedding celebration can be grand and beautiful without being wasteful. If you’re someone who cares for the environment and sustainability, you could share your ideals with all your loved ones and inspire them to adopt a more conscious lifestyle.  Avoid plastic wherever you can and make sure you use biodegradable or reusable materials for food packaging etc. to minimise waste to landfill.

Instead of using plucked flowers as décor, use flower pots to liven up the space. Support your local crafts-men and community by buying local.  Hand make things where feasible and get your friends on board to help you with these projects. There are a ton of DIY ideas out there for you to try. This sort of wedding not only sets a great example for others but can even be easier on the budget.

8.      Season


How would you like to dedicate your big day to reflect your favourite season? Whichever one you pick, summer, autumn, winter or spring, each brings various unique and beautiful qualities to the table. Perhaps you’d like to plan a winter wonderland themed wedding, or a vibrant summer bash; maybe you appreciate autumn with its warm tones, beautiful landscape and cold, crisp air. Spring has its charm too, symbolizing a time of renewal and rebirth. Perhaps you could use that idea and build your theme around that too.

9.      Destination


Do you love to travel? Do you have a favorite destination in mind where you’d love to escape too? If you can’t fly off to your dream location for your big day, then bring that destination home and plan a wedding around that theme. Whether you’re enamoured by Paris or mystified by Morocco, take the elements you love the most and recreate that experience for a memorable day.

You could create destination themed props and have your cuisine reflect the theme as well. Décor can also help to pull your idea together.

10. Across the Seven Seas

Across The Seven Seas

Maybe you have a deep interest in sailing, diving or something similar. Perhaps you’ve just always been drawn to the ocean because of its vastness and mystery. If that’s the case, this is the theme for you. Various ideas could be incorporated into this theme. From sailing motifs to décor that alludes to the sea.

Equipped with our selection of the top 10 wedding themes, you’re all set to have your picture-perfect wedding. To help with planning and arrangements, visit our website and easily get access to venues, food options and transport under one roof.


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