Weird but Unique Wedding Trends in 2019 For Wedding Inspirations

Your wedding day is the perfect moment for you to shine bright or experience something exciting. So we want to bring to your attention this weird but amazing wedding unique trends that you will love.

Add some shine and weirdness in your wedding by trying some of these weird trends or ideas in your wedding & take some inspiration.

2019 Wedding Inspirations

Black Wedding Inspiration

Black is one of the most elegant, timeless, formal and sophisticated colors, use black as a part of your wedding color. For all those black color lovers, we gathered some black wedding inspiration for you. Black wedding inspiration is somehow weird but would be a decent & lovely wedding trend or inspiration for change lovers. In a black wedding, everything will be blackish, bridal or groom dresses, wedding theme, décor, cake, even jewelry, backdrop, table setting, bouquet, stationery or invitation cards, etc. A black wedding could be modern, elegant, whimsical or whatever you want it to be! It all comes down to the styling and the elements that you choose to add in your theme.
Black wedding inspiration

Unique Wedding Food Trucks

Wedding trucks are not very common in Pakistani wedding but it would be a very unique and interesting idea for your reception. Every year people in Pakistan choose traditional or common ways to have their reception. Now getting rid of seating plans and table charts in order to let your guests sit wherever they want to, going for a cocktail style or even a picnic over a plated dinner. So if you’re trying to find out if this option is right for you we invite you to keep reading. You might get hungry after reading about unique wedding food truck!

We can see the rise of food trucks, mobile bars, dessert wagons, and interactive food stations more and more in the coming years in Pakistan. Now get to know about more chances to find something that matches your budget and wedding style according to Pakistani culture.
Food Trucks

Different Styles of Wedding Charts

This is very kind of weird but very useful of an impressive trend, which would be very beneficial or attractive for your guests. From rustic to modern, we looked at what peoples are doing for seating their guests. In every wedding seating their guests properly with respect is very important. We will bring a very unique idea which is kind of different or never applied before especially in Pakistani weddings. Wedding charts are very beneficial for guest’s guidance in reception or other events. Through wedding charts, you could guide your guest about their table or seat number, menu, or celebrations, etc. wedding charts will lessen the misunderstandings or quarrels during events.
Wedding charts

Artistic Photography

Everyone must-have beautiful photograph for their wedding day. wedding days are one of the most significant days of your lives. For an unusual wedding venue such as traditional Pakistani wedding then try to incorporate this into your bride and groom photos. Whatever your wedding venue you are sure to be able to find a quirky aspect to use in your wedding photos. Try something unusual or trendy in your wedding photography. Take cinematic or art reflection photography with different or unique posses.
Wedding trends

Zodiac Signs Based Wedding Animals

Wedding animals are one of our favorite trends at the moment. These animals are some of the amazing photo opportunities, and bring a bit of fun into your day. Everyone has a favorite animal and we want to be able to match these up with your big day. Now people are involving their favorite animals in their big day. Wedding animals are now becoming trends or tell us different zodiac personality traits which make a match made in heaven!
Zodiac sign based wedding animals

These are a few weird but unique wedding ideas that people start adding on their big day celebrations. Explore more attractive ideas and content on book your wedding events with us & find budget-friendly packages from us.







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