Wonderful & Unique Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Friends Big Day

Are you the luckiest friend who’s looking for something to give your newly-engaged or newly-weds BFF, Then we can help you!

We’ve put together a selection of wonderful & best engagement gift ideas that are also brilliant & fantastic as wedding gifts. Bookirea brings wonderful & unique engagement or wedding gift ideas for you to surprise your BFF.

A Personalized Glass

It is a very unique and popular gift option for couples on their engagement or wedding. A personalized glass will always remind your friend about your lover & affection for his/her.

As an additional, complimentary gift, you could even pair your glassware-gift with a set of coasters.

Personalized Glass

A Flask

Another classic gift idea is a flask; however, we particularly love this idea with sweet messages. You can gift your friends a special customized flask with a special & sweet message for their happy beginning.

Funky quotes flask

Matching Mugs for Couples

Similarly, a matching mug for the bride and groom are something that may be used every day for the daily cup of tea or coffee. Then, after the wedding, a mug can serve as a great keepsake, perhaps being used as a quirky desk ornament filled with flowers or stationery supplies. Alternatively, you could include a personalized mug in a small gift box.

Matching mug

Memory Scrapbook

A scrapbook or photo album is a very personal; a gift that you can guarantee will be treasured forever. We also love the idea of a small keepsake box of photos too. You can write funny and memorable stories about your friends or about couples on these customized scrapbooks, surely this thing will always bring a cute smile on their faces.

Memory book

A Framed Photo for A Couple

Similar to the above, you may elect to gift the happy couple a framed photo, or go a step further with a lovely shadow box. A family tree or frame photo for newlyweds or engaged couples are worth taking or memorable thing for them.

Framed couple photo

Poetic Memory

If you’re a bride or groom who has trouble finding the right words, a very romantic gift idea is to choose a poem you love and present it for your partner. Alternatively, a small book of love poems or a romantic novel is a gorgeous little gift too. And if you’re a friend gifting the happy couple, there are also thousands of poems about friendship that would be perfect for them on their special gift.  You can also write unique words for them in a poetic style.

Poetry book

 A Plant Ring Box

Usually, the couple will prefer to choose their own ring boxes so that it’s exactly what they want. However, there’s a high chance that you may know what kind of ring box your best friend or partner has had his or her eye on, so you may choose to surprise them with it ready for the wedding or for engagement. You can also decorate that ring box according to your friend choice.

Plant ring box

The Story of Love

Similarly, below is a gorgeous “Story of Us” guest book alternative that you can fill out with your very own love story–how you met, your first date, the proposal, your family trees, and more–and which remains as a treasured keepsake after the wedding. If you want to surprise your BFF then you can also make a whole story about him/her life, love, humor, habits, funny moments, memorable pictures & much more what you want to add on it & gift this to your BFF on their engagement or wedding day.

story of love through a family tree

An Accessory Box

This is a classic gift for a reason–not only do they come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and styles, but they’re also very versatile.

There’s an enormous range to choose from and you can guarantee you’ll find something truly gift-worthy. An accessory box is a long remaining gift, which will remind your BFF about your love forever.

Accessory box

A Luxury Gift

If you’re in the position to afford, a fun experience likes a small getaway could be an out-of-this-world gift for the couple. For this amazing gift, you and a group of friends could pull together to give it as one big, joint gift to your friend.

A luxury gift

A Personalized Candle

Personalized candles are a very romantic gift for couples, though usually used as part of an alternative unity-ceremony idea. This makes wonderful gifts that can be displayed as a keepsake of the big day or stowed away until a future wedding anniversary. Personalized candles will remain at your friend house for a long time, so every time when they use these candles they remember your love for them.


A Hanging Decoration

Something small and ornamental that can be displayed on a wall in the home (like the below personalized white wicker heart) is a lovely gift for the couple that could also double as a garden decoration. A hanging decoration could be in different shapes & forms.

Hanging flower decoration

A Personalized Cushions

A personalized cushion is also popular as it can double as a pretty homeware gift as well as a wonderful memory for the couple. You can design cushions for your friends with different & unique ideas. You can customize a funny story or names about you & your BFF & gift it on her/his big day.

Customized cushion


A very soft, subtle & romantic gift is flowers or bouquets. Whether a bouquet or a decorative hanging garland, flowers are a beautiful and classic gift for any occasion.

A Tray of Love

Use an acrylic tray to present some goodies to the bride and groom–perhaps some luxury cupcakes or something homemade. You can décor a tray with favorite things of your friend & present on her engagement or on a wedding as a gift. A tray with cute favorite little things will bring a cute smile on your BFF which will be the worthy thing for you.

A tray of love

A Good Luck Charm

And lastly, one of the most beautiful gifts of them all is a small good luck charm that can carry the couple through all of their wedding planning, the big day itself, and into their happily ever after. Best wishes for their upcoming life & future filled with Allah’s blessing & family love & support.

Good luck charm

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