Pakistani Wedding Season Whole Story and Its Long-lasting Magic

The Pakistani wedding craze has begun Now!

No, not the “Azadi March” craze or the “inqilab march” craze. Those are just passing fads with time. But the wedding craze surpasses other all crazes.

It’s the Pakistani Wedding season Craze. Everyone knows that the wedding season in Pakistan begins by the mid of October and continues till mid-March. Some families make these months’ wedding months and select their wedding events according to months.

In these months, you won’t find a hall or lawn empty i.e. unless you have booked it in advance with Bookirea! Here, Bookirea will help you to find wedding halls, marquees, farmhouses. and venues near you. It’s the season for ghagras, lehngas and let’s not forget the shararas, heavy jewelry, etc.

The Special Wedding Dresses

Oh, who can overlook the dress!  Whether they’re the ones getting married or not, every woman, young or old, wants to be the center of attention.

The wedding magazines come out and every single site is browsed for the perfect dress. This design is matched with that one, and that color is matched with this one, with the hope that the final combination will result in the dress to end all wedding dresses. Internet surfing is common 1 or 2 months before wedding days.

Pakistani Wedding

These are the most favorite part of Pakistan women while they start thinking about someone’s wedding.

The Menu and Venue

Different types of dishes are a must at every wedding. Then there are the traditional and sweet dishes which suddenly gain in popularity and just as suddenly seem to disappear. Then there are the odd types of roti and weird jelly-like sweet dishes. The stage selection is another important task before the final wedding festivities. Here different wedding planners in Pakistan or decorators will help you to make your dreams come true.

Pakistani Wedding
Pakistani Wedding

The Events Details

There’s the pre-dholki and then mini dholki, to which only the family is invited; this is the indication that the dholki craze has begun. This is followed by the friends-only dholki, several spurs of the moment, and finally the grand dholki. Before mehndi or shehndi or mayun there are many kinds of practices that couldn’t be ignored e.g. dance performances, Antakshiri, Tappe (in Punjabi culture) and short dramatic stories about Bride & Groom.

Pakistani Wedding

In between the dholkis, there are the dance routine practice sessions: the predholki session where the routine is practiced for the grand dholki; and then there are the post-dholki sessions where more routines are practiced for the Mehndi or some have another event before mehndi that is called shehndi.

Now the mayun and the mehndi have begun. There are the girl’s mayun and the boy’s mayun (that’s when they put ubtan on the guy), followed by the girl’s side mehndi and the boy’s side mehndi.

Pakistani Wedding

Finally, after what seems to take forever, we finally arrive at the baraat and valima. Presently these are standalone wedding events, but the way things are going we might soon have a friends-only-valima and friends-only-Barat also.


As Muslims we should understand that other than the valima and the nikkah (minus the whole baraat just the qubool hai part), there are no other events in our wedding culture that have any roots in Islam; the religion which the majority of us Pakistanis ascribe to.

Most of what we do at our weddings is derived from foreign or western culture or traditions and the rest is just plain extravagance and wanton display.

Pakistani Wedding

Now, enjoy the Pakistani wedding season with wholeheartedly and excitement and make it more memorable and superb with

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