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From cradle to grave, a person goes through various stages in life. Starting off as a rug rat and then maturing into a capable adult. Then, as the years drag on, one finally turns old and grey with wisdom and experience. Throughout this roller-coaster ride of a journey, the most important part of a human being’s life is his or her childhood. It is the foundation on which everything else rests upon. This is why schools play a vital role in a child’s development.
From the very first day, we learn the essentials of how to socialize and interact with our fellows and teachers. Many of the skills required to lead a successful life and maintain good relationships are learnt at this critical level. We spend many of our waking hours, and a great percentage of our entire youth, in these establishments. Because of the amount of time we spend here, our school becomes our second home and many of the people we meet here become an integral part of our lives.
 At school we learn languages, which are our tools for effective communication, along with the essentials of how the world works at large. Extracurricular activities help to discover hidden talents that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Children learn proper discipline and ethics by sticking to schedules, deadlines and rules enforced by the school. Everything that is learnt aids in character development and instills adequate morals.
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Devoting resources and investing during this time of life will prepare the child to face the world with full confidence. Apart from the obvious benefits that schooling provides, schools  also act as an incubator for great memories. From fun activities and shenanigans during recess to bunked classes and the mischievous adventures that follow, these are what the child will grow up to reminisce about as “the good old days”.
Friendships forged during this period can last a lifetime; these valuable bonds and experiences are what add quality to a person’s life. Childhood memories are, after all, what nostalgia is primarily made up of. While we tend to look back on the days of old with fondness and wish we could go back to a much simpler time, the fact of the matter is that everything we experienced in our youth has made us capable enough to face whatever challenges that may lie ahead.

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Schools engage with their students and involve them in activities through annual functions. The effort that children put in and the talent they showcase gain them appreciation from their family and friends. This boost their confidence and brings them tons of joy. The success of the event is an achievement for everyone involved, students and faculty alike. Well-executed events improve a school’s reputation; thus, if you’re planning to organize an annual event, a themed function or a party, then let Bookirea take care of the major task at hand.  Our company aims to provide the best online event planning and execution solutions to our customers. Our professionals never miss a beat and will be hard at work in making sure your function is an absolute success.
Bookirea is on a mission to lift the burden of event planning and management off the shoulders of school management and faculty. Life is pretty hectic already, you don’t have to stress yourself out any further by taking on intimidating tasks such as this on your own because our event management experts will manage.
 school events with Bookirea
Take advantage of the Information Age and arrange your next school event with Bookirea. With the help of our online event-management platform, you can make arrangements by using your computer or smartphone. Let our event management experts create something unforgettable for your students and faculty members. Spare yourself of the hassle and stress of planning. Just focus on creating long lasting memories.


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