Fill up your Wedding Events with Unique Wedding Trends

As social media trends or other social networking sites prevailing the extravagant weddings have turned out to be unique trends in Pakistan. Now people turn toward unique and extra-ordinary wedding trends like from bridal jumpsuits to dessert tables, colors bombs photo shot to vintage setup, brides and grooms are breaking tradition and thinking out of the box for their big day. Here are just a few upcoming wedding trends to be on the lookout for 2019 in Pakistan. Now fill up your wedding events with unique, trendy and colorful trends with Bookirea.

Wedding arches

Wedding arches are one of the hottest upcoming unique and refreshing wedding trends in 2019. Not only do they add a personalized touch to your decor, but they also represent the gates to a new life that you and your partner will begin. In Pakistan, the majority follow this trend in their wedding events especially engagements and reception. You can decorate the arch in so many different ways. You have many options for arch décor e.g. balloons, branches, cloth, paper garlands, and flowers, the possibilities are endless!

However, the most popular arch decor is real fresh flowers. If you’re not sure which flowers would be best for your arch, then you ask a professional or experienced florist who can tell you many options that will be best for your ceremony. Roses, carnations, orchids, are considered the most long-lived flowers, making them all great options for your wedding arch.
Wedding Arches

Colored Smoke Bombs

One of the most awesome and unexpected trends of the year 2019 in Pakistan has been the use of colored smoke bombs in photography. These beautiful colored smoke bombs are the main part of every Pakistani wedding photoshoot and we are obsessed with its magic. Colored smoke bombs obsession spreading like a fire for wedding events photoshoot. Not only add a refreshing color in your ceremony but also makes you a lively bride and grooms. Colored smoke bombs used for bride or groom entry as well or during mehndi performances.

While taking your wedding photos with colored smoke bombs requires special skills. Make sure your photographer is prepared or comfortable with it or not. Colored smoke bombs could be dangerous when the days are hot, try this type of experiment in dry or under cool temperature. When you use these colored smoke bombs so keep a prominent distance from your clothes or hairs or metal accessories. You need to act quickly or wisely while using these colored smoke bombs.
Colored Smoke Bombs

Post-dinner Wedding sweets

Dessert tables are one of the biggest wedding trends in 2019 in Pakistan like other different cultures. Now families avoid traditional wedding cake and opting memorable wedding dessert after dinner. They also add funky sweet in their bridal shower and bachelor parties. They add unique doughnut walls, funky cookie tables, and romantic cupcake towers, as well as delicious chocolate tarts and strawberry cupcakes. These are just a few of the many ways newlyweds are making post-dinner sweets a talked about event.
Post-dinner wedding sweets

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