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After Ramadan, the wedding season begins in Pakistan. Most of the relatives fly from all over the world to enjoy Eid with their beloved ones and attend their wedding festivities. Weddings seem to be the only excuse for people to escape the drudgery of their boring lives. Most of the people are not smart enough to plan out their children’s wedding financial future. Yet the few who are list their children’s wedding as one of their major life expenses. Here bookirea will invite you all to plan your wedding events in your own desired budget. it’s a dream of every person that they spend their whole life savings on their children’s or their own memorable wedding. But don’t worry, now bookirea will make your dreams come true. You only tell us about your plan. We will ensure that we will make it wonderful and memorable.

 Events You Plan on Your Wedding

In Pakistani weddings, as we know that we have a long list of events that never ended until the wedding over, everyone enjoyed it enthusiastically. Bookirea has the vision to work to make everyone’s wedding events perfect and memorable, without any stress.
Wedding EventS

1.  Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is a new trend that has begun from the last few years in Pakistan. Girls celebrate their whole day with friends and enjoy their life moments. Bookirea makes your life moments more attractive, classy and unforgettable. The bridal shower décor would be flowery and bright on that day that fit on their girls dresses theme. Bookirea will make it a dreamy day for you, through wonderful and trendy décor, food, photograph, entertainment, live music, etc.
Bridal Shower

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2.  Shehndi

A new trend of Shehndi has begun in Pakistan. It is the event, where two ceremonies of Mehndi and Shadi (Barat) are combined and celebrated together as an independent event. All the customs and traditions of Mehndi and Shadi are performed in a single day event. In a very hectic routine, it is a very tough task for people to attend long days event. Shehndi has become a pain reliever for that cause as it has packed two-day event in one in wedding seasons. It is the best way to save money or make your wedding events more lively and trendy. People follow this trend and make their event more peaceful and classy.  Bookirea does their best to arrange all these things within your budget. Now, no more waiting in lines for shadi hall booking, catering, décor, food, services, entertainment, music, photograph and much more what you want on your Shehndi.

3.  Mehndi

It is a very important part of our traditional wedding, also considered as a chilling event, where everyone enjoys the colors of love, entertainment, fun, gatherings, etc. Most of the people make their mehndi event more lavish and trendy than any other event. They spend half of their saving just on their mehndi event to make it memorable. Bookirea will make it as memorable as you want but keeping you away from after wedding financial stress. You only tell us about your dream about Mehndi, we will blow a soul in it, to make it lavish as you wish for.

4.  Baraat

The most fascinating but hectic day of the wedding event is baraat. It is the day which grooms family enjoy the feel of guest, while the bride family serves as a host. The bride family makes it perfect for their special guests. They spend their time, money, attention on that day, just to not receive a single complaint from guests. The Baraat day is also very important because the girl steps forward toward a new life with different people. The bride has a dream for her baraat day, she wants to make it memorable or like a fairytale. The entry of the bride should be so dramatic and wonderful. We will plan it according to your dream and convert into a fairytale wedding and will keep all your stress away on that.

5.  Nikkah

Nikkah is the simple, subtle and holy event of every wedding. The two different souls tie a knot under the blessing of ALLAH and their beloved ones. Plan your holy event festivity with bookirea and make it more charming and memorable.  Capture the best moment of your life with bookirea and make it worthy and more special.

6.  Reception (Walima)

Last but not least and relaxing event of every wedding, the whole excitement, trill, and enthusiasm turn into a relaxing and peaceful day. Everyone is tired on that due other wedding festivities. But they never miss a chance to celebrate it as well. This event is very important for the bride & groom as their first couple appearance. The entry should be the dreamy and classy entry because they appear the first time as a couple after Nikkah. Couples plan a different theme on that day for their appearance; bookirea will make your appearance more classy, catchy and heart-warming. We will make your whole reception trendy, stylish and classy.
Reception or walima

Trust on the best planner in the town, and add life into your festivities and make them trendy and classy, within your desired budget. Bookirea is your own wedding planner giving you a relaxed wonderful and stress-free day.