Some Unique Bridal Shower Themes and Ideas for your Bridal Bash

If you are in a mood or charge of throwing a bridal shower, I am sure you’ve been thinking about unique and extraordinary themes. This is a pure girl party the bride will remember for the rest of her life, and you want to make it unforgettable and memorable for the bride.

But throwing such a bridal bash can be celebrated as a mixed gathering in some traditions or families, and boys are also present there. So, how do you throw a bridal bash to remember when you’ve got a multi-generational crowd to please?

On the other hand, you want to keep the bride or bridesmaids entertained and having fun; you also don’t want to offend the bride-to-be’s family or have grandmothers disapprove. Luckily we’ve got some ideas that are sure to keep everyone happy and give the guest of honor the celebration of her wildest, social media-fueled dreams.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a memorable theme, Bookirea got some awesome bridal shower ideas to get you inspired.

Some Unique theme and ideas

Here, we will tell you about the unique and beautiful theme and ideas for converting your dull and boring into an energetic and fun-going bash.

1. Glitter and Glitz

This is an amazing decor bash theme, everything whether the outfits, the décor, the serving, and food have glitter and glitz touch. For the brides who love glittery dressing, guests who also wear fanciest outfits. In this theme, the bride needs to decorate everything sparkly and glittery, and for more glow, she should involve chandelier and lanterns. In Pakistan, the bride and bridesmaids always follow some unique and fantasy ideas for making this bash awesome, so glitter and glitz theme is perfect, who are looking for a unique and classy theme for bridal shower.

Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower 2020

2. All white and one Rose Red

This is such a unique and simple but elegant theme for bridal shower. In all white and rose-red theme, everything’s is pure white except bride dress, bride backdrop, and table bouquets, which are related to the red rose. By following and approaching this theme where the bridesmaids are all going to wear white, except the bride. This so simple, soft, and subtle theme is having a pure spirit of love and friendship.

Bridal Shower idea

3. Filmy and Bollywood Theme 

With the additional touch, our Bollywood or filmy magic of the Bollywood, jewel tones, and traditional Indian or Pakistani cuisine. This bridal shower outdoors bashes with bright and colorful rugs and plenty of colorful throw pillows, create a filmy environment. Take your favorite Bollywood or filmy theme to the next level with Bookirea decorators. This filmy and Bollywood theme will add more colors in your event. Bride and bridesmaids wear colorful lehenga cholis and jewelry for this event. Bollywood new and old songs played in the background, which adds more soul in bash.Bridal Shower theme

4. Winter Wonderland and Disney Theme

This theme purely designed for the winter season with a whimsical, wintry snow-white and Disney decor. This theme has peppered with berries, pine cones, and artificial reindeer or customized cake. Don’t forget the fairy lights for that added touch of magic and winter touch. Disney theme is another beautiful theme for Disney lovers. In Disney theme, everything follow Disneyland and create their kind of fairy and princess stories with our unique and classy decor ideas.

Bridal Shower themeBridal Shower

5. Rustic and Desert Theme

This theme is romantically designed, having pure rustic vibes with delicately distressed and chic desert theme decor. By following this theme, tea served in desert mason jars, hand-drawn signage, and desert rugs with camel centerpieces. You can add some homemade treats and food for adding simple desert touch in your bridal shower. Your bridesmaids wear dessert theme dresses and bring dessert water bottles and jars as gifts. The whole setup represents the rustic desert vibes and done in an open field.

Theme Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower themes

Bridal Shower in 2020

6. Woodland Theme 

Celebrate bridesmaids love with bride in a pure natural environment as woodland inspired theme. Incorporate with the Bookirea’s woodland decorations and unique ideas, salads, herbs, and desserts. The final touch will be incomplete without the bride and bridesmaids outfits and props.

Bridal Shower in pakistan

I hope you would love our amazing themes and ideas and make your bridal shower bash worth-remembering with Bookirea. Now you’re just a few steps away from your dream decor. Now your dream, and we will create it as per your requirements.

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