How to Dress for a Desi Winter Wedding

The Wedding season is in full swing and you may have a few wedding invitations for events in the middle of the coldest days of winter. I’ll admit, winter weddings are great because there is no sweating, runny makeup and unwanted shiny patches on your face. But there still lies the dilemma of trying not to freeze to death while looking glamorous throughout the function. Many ladies try to brave the cold winter evenings in Pakistani wedding dresses that are not right for the weather. We’re here to show you that you don’t need to suffer in order to look stylish. Here’s our guide on how to dress for a desi winter wedding.

Ladies, attending a Desi Winter Wedding? Consider the following:

1.    Pick the Right Fabric


How to Dress for a Desi Winter Wedding 3 - velvet dress

The winter months are great to experiment with different fabrics and textures. Velvet is a popular option because of its luxe feel and glossy appearance. You can choose a velvet kurti, saree or even a lehenga. Embellishments look stunning and darker shades appear rather elegant.


How to Dress for a Desi Winter Wedding 2 - Brocade

Brocade is a beautiful regal-looking fabric which is normally made of shuttle-woven silk. The patterns on the fabric appear embossed giving it a unique texture. The fabric is normally thick and its stiffness makes it an excellent option to make your lehenga out of. You can also wear brocade kurtis. You’ll be getting tons of compliments on the night.


Satin has a smooth glossy texture that looks beautiful when it is paired with lace. Line your kurti or lehenga and choli with good quality satin and add lace on top of it to subdue the gloss. You’ll achieve a sophisticated look and remain comfortably warm throughout the festivities.


2.    Experiment with Layering

How to Dress for a Desi Winter Wedding 5 - Sonal Chauhan Rose Pink Lehenga

Layering is your best friend in winter. Try out a long kurti or other styles of medium to long length dresses in a lehenga, flowy skirt or loose embellished trousers. Creating such overlaps will not only give you a regal look but will also protect you from the bite of the winter months.

3.    Glam up with Formal Jackets

How to Dress for a Desi Winter Wedding 4 - formal jacket

Thank God for formal jackets because if you’re not willing to buy an entire outfit for the winter wedding extravaganza, then a formal jacket is all you’ll need to add to something you already own dominion mall. You can mix and match – go for contrasting or complementary colors, pick whatever you think works well and throw on the jacket. You’ll be instantly glammed up and ready to party regardless of how cold it will be.

Formal jackets can be glitzy, embroidered or a bit more subtle. You can pair a floor-length jacket or a medium length one with your dress, whichever style looks right, go for it.

4.    Go for a full-sleeved Dresses

This one’s an easy way to remain cozy throughout the function. Try outfitted or flared sleeves with heavy embroidery or details. Stick to more solid colors and simpler sleeve styles if your arms are not particularly lean. Though lace and net sleeves look lovely, they may not be the best option for a winter wedding, especially if you’re well aware that the temperature will drop considerably in your wedding hall. Rock the other sleeve or sleeveless trends on some other occasion. They’ll be plenty more to come.

5.    Warm Innerwear

Invest in some good quality thermal innerwear. This will come in handy for everyday use as well. You won’t have to pick up a woolen sweater or light jacket for many occasions if you wear the right stuff underneath.

Now, by combining all the tips on how to dress for a desi wedding, you could achieve the perfect formal winter ensemble. You’ll be able to enjoy the wedding instead of trying really hard not to shiver in the middle of the function while you’re socializing with other guests.

6.    Faux Fur Wraps

How to Dress for a Desi Winter Wedding 6 - faux fur

Why not go for a fusion style and bring back Western 1920s glam? Get yourself a warm and fuzzy faux fur wrap. Drape it over your shoulders or wear it like a shawl. You’ll be warm, cozy and looking like a million bucks.

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