DIY Wedding Invitations

If you’re planning your wedding on a budget, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise in such a way that your big day ends up short on the wow factor that every couple hopes to have.

If you’re ready to take on some creative side projects, the intent of staying on a budget could become a fun experience for you and everyone who wants to be involved. DIY wedding invitations that are tailored to your taste and requirements can be a great activity for you to take on. Read on and get inspired to craft your own, personalized, wedding invites.

DIY Wedding Invitations

Ideas to get your creative juices flowing

  1. Watercolors and Watercolor Paper

watercolors and watercolor paper

These DIY wedding invitations have a dream-like aesthetic. You could create the effect easily by yourself. You’ll need the following: watercolor papers, some paint brushes and, of course, watercolors.

Once you have your materials at hand. Coat the paper with colors you like. Fill the page in with light strokes and allow the paint to remain uneven. Once the paper dries up, you’ll be left with beautiful fluid patterns.

  1. Glittery edges

glittery edges

If you have simple cards for your invites, you can instantly glam it up by coating all the edges with glittery paint. A quick and easy way to do this is by piling up all your cards neatly and spraying each side with spray paint. Make sure the top of the pile is covered with a piece of paper and weighed down to keep the paint from unwanted areas. These DIY wedding invitations will sparkle and impress.

  1. Calligraphy


I don’t know about you, but there’s something about hand-written text and calligraphy that adds a hint of sophistication and style. While scrolling on social media, if you’ve ever stopped and watched a video of someone practicing calligraphy, then I can bet you’ve wanted to try it out yourself ever since. Well, the best time to start learning a new skill is now! Look up tutorials online, grab the required materials and start practicing. Once you get the hang of it, you could hand-write your invites or write on envelopes. In addition to being unique, it will also be a great learning experience for you.

  1. Eco-Friendly


If you plan on going the eco-friendly route and want to create a wedding theme around the concept of sustainability, then you could use recycled paper for your DIY wedding invitations without breaking the bank. These invites will look rustic and have an interesting quality to them that could suit your eco-friendly theme. Apart from this, you could also opt for FSC-certified paper.

  1. Lace Doilies

Lace Doilies

Use lace doilies to beautify your invites in an instant. All you need is a packet of these, in whatever size that is suitable for your cards, some glue and a pair of scissors. Place the doilies on your card and make suitable adjustments. You can use this to elegantly wrap your invites.

  1. Flowers and Feathers

Flowers and Feathers

This is perhaps the easiest DIY wedding invitation idea we’ve listed here. Cut a piece of some plant or grab a feather and tie it or glue it to your invite. It’s a simple touch that makes each wedding card unique and boho-chic.

  1. Embossed Text

embossed text

If you want to get fancy with your DIY wedding invitations, get yourself a custom embosser. You can transform simple wedding envelopes into sophisticated stationary for your big day. Emboss a crest on your envelopes or have some text inserted using this tool. Compared to the other DIY wedding invitation tips and tricks, this one is perhaps the least time consuming.

  1. Wax Seals

wax seals

Want to bring back a cool tradition that started in the Middle Ages? Then here’s something you could try: wax seals. An envelope, no matter how simple, enclosed with a wax seal carries an air of exclusivity and prestige. Having a crest marked on the envelope will look very elegant. Here’s what you’ll need to create one for your wedding invitations.

  • A brass seal
  • A stick of wax with wick
  • A lighter, box of matches or any convenient fire source
  • A wax-melting spoon (optional)
  • Envelopes

Once you have gathered your materials, make sure you begin the work on a fire-resistant surface.

  1. Glitter Pens

glitter pens

Glitter pens can be used to write the address line on simple envelopes. This makes them look instantly more attractive. Practice your hand-writing skills and get busy!

  1. Threads, Ribbons and Lace

Threads, Ribbons and Lace

Another great way to enhance your wedding invitations with ease is by using colorful ribbons, lace and textured threads. You’ll find something regardless of the look you’re going for. Thin ropes look great if you’re aiming for a wholesome, rustic or antique vibe, whereas laces and ribbons add elegance.


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